05.06 2014

Sumarskóli í Finnlandi

Dear Colleague,

Orton Foundation will organize the traditional Physiatric Summer School here in Helsinki, Finland. This is the 15. time we arrange this international seminar.

Now the theme is The Shoulder and many intresting faculty members are coming to Helsinki. I will send you the program an attachment and if you would like to tell to other physiotherapists, it would be nice.

You can look more information via our web pages

You can also find the registration link, but I put it also to this email.

Thank you for your collaboration!

Welcome to Finland!

Best wishes
Leena Ristolainen, D.Sc, PT
Research and Education Manager
Orton Foundation
Tenholantie 10
00280 Helsinki



Sumarskóli - 21 - 22 ágúst 2014

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