18.09 2014

Vinnuvernd í 60 ár

In the past 60 years the Nordic Countries have worked closely to ensure a better working environment, and better occupational health and safety for workers. This task is a never ending task that needs constant attention, and reminders about what we have done in the past and what we shall do in the future. At this meeting we plan to celebrate these 60 years of co-operation. We plan to discuss the evolution of our model, the work environment we are faced with through the lifespan, the changes, gender, age and economy, as well as return to work after spells of ill health and factors associated with labour mobility.

The meeting is organized as part of the Icelandic programme within the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2014, in co-operation with The Nordic Institute for Advanced Training in Occupational Health (NIVA).

The language at the meeting is English. The programme is free of charge thanks to our sponsors, but participants need to cover cost due to travel and accommodation.

The meeting will take place in Reykjavik on October 7. Prior registration is required before September 25

The programme can be obtained from NIVA homepage: http://niva.org/start/#/view-54553-3389


Yours sincerely on behalft of the local organizing committee

Kristinn Tómasson

For practical information, please contact the conference coordinator Katja Pekkarinen (katja.pekkarinen@ttl.fi, +358 30 474 2498 [Call: +358 30 474 2498] )
Please distribute the programme to your homepage and fellow workers

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